Saturday, October 3

3rd October 2009

today i woke up tiredly. yeah, i had a really bad night yesterday. i've been struggling to escape from that thing. it pushes me, holds me, and almost strangles me. haaa its really scary lah. i hope so that i'll not face it anymore.

then bangun pagi, ad one msg recieved. from adi. haaa bace lah, rply n so on. okay, aku dah break dgn dia. *haaa next story please?

okay, argue lah kat myabghebat jennie, and kat mydearkawan gp. okay, relieved sket.

get ready for open house at rumah pakngah. miss lah jugak bcs raya hari tu tak jumpe dia. haaa dok situ lame gila. chat-laugh-play, smue lah. heee :DD

okay balik rumah, lps pening 1 hour dlm kete, pegi lah tdo. one msg masuk. haaa rply smue lah. kinda sad u know :(