Sunday, November 8

Oh yeah yeah yeah :D

I’m realizing that I’m not someone who is grudgeful, yet PEMAAF. This year sucks me a lot. I’ve faced many problems. But, the hardest problem is when it has to deal with my friends. Sincerely, i really feels unfair. but it had happened, so let it be lah :) Thank God it has solved smoothly. And lately my big brother pissed me off. Yeah, it is really annoying and irritating. I’m really angry about that, really REALLY! But after a day, seems like I’ve forgive him. Ngehhhh :D Can you see it folks? I can’t hate people. Even though he or she had done something bad like a hell to me. Its good right? Hahahahaha :)

Even life sucks me a lot this year, I’m happy. I’ve became stronger, that what problems functions right? And yeah when peoples become friendly, perangai lain pun mula menonjol lah. For me, my GEDIKness, MENGADA-NGADAness, semua keluar lah. Hahahahahaha :D I’m soo sorry if I’ve annoy you all taw kawan-kawan. Hee :) but it is okay to show your true self than hiding it, right?

Okay next story. After the PMR examination, life becomes more interesting and happening to me. I get to know many peoples, heart them and maybe admire one of them. Hahahahaha GATAL punya Maria. I stayed on evening just to hang out with my dearest friends. Naik bas, main lagi dengan SMKSS’s. It is really happening :D Sampai je rumah pukul 7.30pm, siap diri semua and then, TIDO. Hahahaha memang lupa lah semua benda yang aku dah plan nak buat. Esok pagi mesti kabut lah banyak plan tak jalan. Nasib lah kau maria, tu lah asyik fikir nak tido. PADAN MUKAAAA :DD

Today dah 8th November 2009, it is near to the last day of schooling this year. It freaks me up whenever I think about it. Yeah, nanti kena duduk rumah je. Nak keluar pun frequently. Tak boleh lah nak dengar lawak, gelak-gelak, pukul-pukul n gaduh main-main with all my sweet friends. I’m thinking about working on the school holiday. When it make me busy, maybe I won’t think a lot about playing. By the way, aku nak tuka handphone LG yang siaa ni. Hahahaha :D

Lately, I’m enjoying all the love that my special peoples giving to me. I’m really thankful of it. Perhaps semua tu balasan aku banyak bersabar when I’m facing difficulties kot. Heee thank you Allah, i love you :)

And I’m still loving you Mr. A. Tak kesah lah aku jumpa mane-mane lelaki yang charming pun, I still do love you. I don’t care even though u thinks I’m a playgirl or not, even though we had break up on 3rd October 2009. Heee I just like the way you are, you were TOO NICE. The NICEST boy that I’ve known :D

*I’ve tried to write my blog in English. It seemed I can’t, right? :D