Saturday, May 1

I Will Be

“And all my life, I’ll be with you forever” Hahahah sakai gila aku. Emm I‘m currently listening to Leona Lewis, I Will Be. Best pulak aku dengar :)

Emm aku tak tahu asal otak aku kosong gila right now. Hahaha maybe because segala hantu marah aku dah keluar time siapkan folio Sivik, now Devil Maria dah kosong kott. Hahaha. Emm I’m thinking, if I were fated to be died tomorrow, what would I do to use the very last moment of my life? *otak kosong kan, macam-macam benda mengarut aku fikir. Hahahaha.

Emm first, I want to say what I want to say. Yeah I will say anything, even if it annoys, make you happy or so on. Haha then I would apologize due to what I’ve done in this very small world. Then I want to laugh, which is my favourite hobby. Laugh until I really don’t have energy to laugh anymore. Laugh to the fullest, to feel the fullest happy feelings. How to laugh like that? Meet my beloved friends. Or just watch the ‘Two Days One Night’ show which is broadcasted at KBS 303 on 5.30 PM every Sunday. Then I want to dedicate all my love to all my lovers. Family, friends, strangers, students, teachers or whoever I want to. I want to hug them, make them feel that I really heart them. I am really thankful to Allah that gives me this chance of being alive and to know them. Then, I would like to have the feeling to be the top of the world. I want to climb or run or walk or crawl, to watch and feel the most beautiful scenery ever made in MALAYSIA at twilight. I want to see how the Sun goes down. Haha I cherish Malaysia as I am Malaysian. I would like to sleep at the hills, facing the beautiful full mysterious moon, with the one who made me happy most. It would be sweet if I laugh until I fall asleep at place like this and have these calm and warming feelings. Then I would wake up early, to see the Sun rise up and light the day. And I would like to breath for the last time in front of the most beloved persons, which is my family, and my friends. I want to see their faces whose colours up my world, until my very last moment. Thanks for your lovely colours, it was a beautiful and magnificent rainbow.

These would make me smile when I’m dying. I know it’s maybe ridiculous and impossible, but we have things called imagination and dreams to make our life even sweet and meaningful.

BUT, I just imagine this. It’s not Maria Ameina Ahmad if I keep thinking about dying. I will live up my life, to the fullest. More laugh, more fun, more happiness. No cry, no tears, less sadness. This is real, this is me, this is The Happy Maria :)