Wednesday, July 28

Writing what my heart say ;

okay, i admit that my life is much easier than the way i lived in SISS. But seriously im missing every single thing about SISS, I just check out Fatin's blog. Sorry, i just miss Baki's craziness badly. One of the reason i dont mention your name just because you're with me that time. And since you moved back to SISS, you called everyday. Im soo touched for it. I wish i can transfer back to SISS, but you know that i wont look back after i approach something. I read my friends blog, saying that they are busy with soo many activites. But how bout me? habis sekolah pukul satu, tunggu bas sampai pukul 2 siap menari bergurau menggila then balik rumah membuta sampai pukul 4 then main badminton sampai Maghrib then study. What a simple life of mine right? Okay, what i want to say is that i will not be frequently online and i wont use my phone for the 5 weekdays. I will use it in case of emergency like Fatin's case lah. Haha okay ayat aku batak se-ke-ma. I miss SISS hella a lott, i miss kawat bawah panas dalam tension, i miss lawak cheers and so on. I pray to god that this 5 years-old-S4BK will become like SISS in they co-curricular activities, AMIN.