Thursday, August 26


Agaknya tahun ni bulan Ramadhan aku doomed kot. Past weeks tak banyak bunyi mercunan yang hinggap di telinga aku.This week, hari-hari akan ada letupan mercun semasa atau selepas rehat form 2 dan 3. Macam hapee dah, kau ingat sekolah ni sarkas main mercun kah? Bising lah, faham tak BISING? Kot yee pun nak cabar si Murugama tu, jangan lah libatkan telinga orang lain. Today sekolah esok cuti, hari ini 3 kali mercun berapi. *Pantun tak jadi. Its not cool lah, not at all. Okay lah Puan Murugama, semoga berjaya mencari si pemain mercun itu. Aku berharap sangat nak belajar dengan tenang. *Bukan kau ke yang paling bising time belajar, wahai Maria? Hahaha

Monday, August 23

Pissed .

Start from after bergelak semahunyaa dalam kelas agama, aku mencarut semahunya selepas mengetahui kenyataan itu. Hancur musnah harapan aku nak puasa penuh which is maybe impossible. Remember our promise tak nak mencarut time puasa? Things change, hari ini mulut aku amat ringan sekali mengeluarkan carutan. Maybe sebab buku 'Gone' by Lisa Gardner pun banyak carutannya, maka aku terpengaruh? Okay alasan tak masuk dek akal manusia. Esok dan seterusnya aku tak nak mencarut seteruk ni dahhh, amin.

P/S : Nana, aku selalu inginkan kau duduk sekelas dengan aku lagi. Takpe lah, hidup bukan berjalan seperti apa yang kita inginkan. I miss you babe! Saranghaeeee "I want nobody, nobody but you~" HAHA xD

Wednesday, August 18

Happy Mood-ing

I’m totally happy today. Thank god yesterday was just a misunderstanding. I’ve deleted the previous post. Haha you don’t have to know though. But its true lah, “don’t hang around with your boyfriend/girlfriend more than your friends” Thank you si-hebat-Wong Jen Yew. Hahaha I’m doing crazy today at school. Heyy there’s a story. It was Agama’s class, Luqman Hakim was on-the-way to find textbook for us because of some reasons. Then after a while he and Yuzwan came back to class, with laughter. He tells everything, laughing. Memang kitorang faham bahasa gelak kau, hahaha. The point is, he found a dummy with the school guard uniform at the Gent’s toilet. Entah macam mana lah si pembuat tu curi uniform guard tu aku pun takleh nak fikir. The best part is, Luqman dengar cleaner perempuan tu jerit bila jumpa dummy tu and re-acted it again. HAHAHAHA super hilarious. A moment later, the cleaner pass our class with the dummy. Sumpah lawak gila cleaner tu seret dummy tu, dah lah dummy tu tak boleh blah. The 30 minutes of Agama’s class was wasted with laughter. Aku tabik kau Luqman, wahai pelawak rasmi kitorang. Hahaha. After the school’s last period bell rings, like always I’ll go to the bus stop. Today I teached Raja Nabilah Afiqah Mathematics Form 2. Woahhhh rindu gilaa lah dengan math lower-secondary. I miscount lots of calculation because I’m very used to calculate with calculator. Memang macam kura-kura lah aku kira buat subjective question sampai salah kira. 2 times 22 over 7 times 3.5 equals to 6.5? Benda senang pun boleh salah kira. Haha it’s hard to use the old way when we’re getting used with the new way, right? Don’t ever turn back when you’re taking steps forward, do turn back to remember the faulty at the past and make yourself a better human.

Tuesday, August 17

Vice Versa .

Seriously, i never thought i would embrace the past and shed tears where i am so happy at Seri Indah Secondary School. Today was like hell to me from the start until 1 PM because the juniors take my sadness away, thank you thank you. Back to the story, i wish i had Baki and Nana and Liyana here with me, make me laugh like we used before. Facebook-ing wasn't enough. I thought this new school can make me stronger and make me want to achieve excellence, but it was vice versa unfortunately. I no longer have the spirit to study together, to work together, to be silly together, to be sad together, to laugh together, to support each other. Today I had Tadarus Al-Quran which i always feel lazy about it, but now i can't hear you all read Quran anymore like the past year's Ramadhan. Ahh im soo sucked, am i doomed because i transfered to S4BK? =.,=

Sunday, August 15

Adhwa Najaa Ahmad Shah ♥

Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Birthday To Si Gemuk,
Happy Birthday To You! 

Patut lah kau suruh aku save up for today, rupa-rupanyaa today was your birthday. Happy sweet 16 yeah, present kau nanti bila aku ingat aku belikan lah. Hahaha semoga semakin cantik :)

Tumblr .

Many of my friends used Tumblr. I would like to change, but still considering. I have used it once, seems like Blogger is far easier. This dilemma feeling comes-out-from-nothing like a frog considering will it swim in the swamp or hop on the groundHahh, we'll see then.

Growing Up .

Actually I have made up my mind about my ambition lately, which is in editor field. Just now I finished watching an Elle’s show that searches for the best editor, Stylista. After watching it, it left a big impression to me that editor field is kind of BORING. I thought it was so much fun like what Dr Job says in their magazine, and like the Marie Claire’s show, Running In Heels. I do better works than them in today’s Stylista episode. It’s was clearly a major mistakes which are typing-error and the boring pictures thus the section looks really boring. The photographer gets eliminated, but I pity him because he had a serious panic earlier. I pray to god so that I won’t have that life-staking-disease. Whatever it is, I might ended-up being a doctor, or maybe in business field, or maybe fashion field? I don’t know why, my orange-coloured notebook is so stuffed with many of my designed dress, skirt, jeans, shirt and shoe sketch. But design field is hard to grow in Malaysia, unless I was sent to Paris or New York for experiences. It was still hard, new born talented designers will be standing with me in future. By now, I really think that my sketch is so OVERDONE. Yeah, too many ideas filling my head while in Historical classes. By the way I’m not specially educated in design, it’s just hobby. If I will be in this Fabulous-Fashion field, I want to open up my own brand, and be more successful than Kimora Lee Simmons. But seriously I’m so into medical field, so into my passion of helping peoples, although I know the studies are harder than rock. Saying about medical field, at the today’s morning I sent my sister to KLIA. I saw those pilots and steward and stewardess. My heart says “Wow, being in plane is kind of fun. But only when we’re young, right?” Yeah, it doesn’t last long. Everything doesn’t last long in this world. Okay, I’m bloody confused. Somebody help me? =.,=’
*where in Malaysia I can find the black-beautiful jumpsuit? I really want it! <3

Saturday, August 14

Kim Tae Woo - Love Rain

"When my love rains on my head the memories come alive again. When it rains on my heart I think of the precious love. When my love touches my lips, I love you shouting to me. Following the road where the rain comes, you’ll see me waiting for you if you keep on walking, walking and walking." 

"Open the box called love with they key of faith, call with the phone transmitting a prayer called love, even if my heart can’t find you."

"All I can do is to look up at the sky and shout once again “love me”, when this little hope in my heart becomes rain and falls."

"Return again to that time.. to my life like that one time when you prayed. When I shout like this... the love rain falls."

"When your love rains in front of my eyes you stand in front of me. When it rains on my ears, you whisper love into my ears again. I love you when I hug you, when I become happy again. Following the road where the sun shines on, we will see us if we keep on walking, walking and walking."

Specially Dedicated From Me To You, AMQ ♥

Friday, August 13

Baru Perasan .

I've uploaded some pictures to cheer up my blog. I just realize that i dont have much pictures of my friends at S4BK. Wehh korang, bila nak hangout lagi? And i really hope planning nak sleepover rumah Zulaika jadi 

Mengapakah ?

I just realize that my blog is full of WORDS. Boleh kira lah berapa kali aku upload gambar. Aduhai, hambar hambar HAMBAR =.,=
PS: I've deleted those hatefull post. I want my blog to be clean. Weee <3

Kerja .

"Rasa lega bila semua kerja dah siap, hopefully this is the last? tapi macam ada lagi jaaa" =.,='
Im talking about PRS thingy, me Hanis Eleena used today's recess time to do all the work. In charging the name tag work was like hell to me. Sounds easy to some of you, you wont know unless you try lah. Dah lah puasa, 3 kali aku naik turun bawah blok C yang 4 tingkat tuu. But it pays off after seeing that kawaii-looking-face of THAT junior. Weheeee <3 Then after we finished all the works, we hang around at the Bilik Kaunseling and skip our Chemistry class. We chat about the romantic scene. Haha aku dengar jee, Hanis and Eleena si pencerita. Then berebut nak pilih one of Super Junior members. Aku nak pilih Leeteuk, tapi dia tua maaa . Borak-borak lagi pasal Korean artist, sampai aku tercerita mimpi indah aku bersama TVXQ's Hero Jae Joong <33 Next, we hang at our class, the empty class. Then the rain falls, i remembered the Kim Tae Woo's Love Rain song, and of course i remembered about YOU <3 Haa since we will become seniors next year, i bet there will be tons of works to do. By the way, i'm a little upset hearing my friends news who want to transfer to another schools next year.
"Apa nii, next year last year kott. Jom lah enjoy ramai-ramai, ambil lesen kereta and so on. Then buat macam sekolah ni kita yang punyaaaaa" Seriously, i really hope we will end our secondary-school life together.

Thursday, August 12

Uploading At Facebook.

I know i used the Celcom Broadband to suft the Internet, but i don't think this was the main reason i can't upload my videos! I've tried for several days. Today while doing Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya's work, i've tried to upload it using school's computer, and guess what, for 2 hours just 6% completed! What theee. Memang nak upload video kena bikin gua panas dulu eaa? =.,='

Kawan Baru Kah?

Dia KOREAN, schooling at SMK Bukit Jalil. AWW, kan best if aku sekolah sana, boleh mencuci mataaa. Hahaha gatal lah pulak aku ni. By the way, im still wondering kenapa lah batch form 3 tahun ni (bukan S4BK sahaja) most of lelakinyaa handsome-handsome sekali dan perempuannyaa cantik-cantik belaka? Hahaha mari CUCI <3

2nd Day

I don't know why, i had a feeling that this year's Ramadhan will be memorable. Maybe because today's Biology class was insane, we round our school like a chicken who's the leader was Cikgu Abdul Rauf. Hehh, i really dont want to do it, all the juniors watch us kott. And maybe because yesterday and today i ate my mom's cook, hopefully it will be like that everyday until the last day of Ramadhan. I want to say this out loud, I LOVE MY MAMA <3

Monday, August 9

Sangaaaaat Gila ?

Ni semua Luqman Haqim Sulaiman punya pasal . No further stories , terlalu lawak untuk diceritakan xD
By the way , selamat menyambut Ramadhan Al-Mubarak tahun ini :)

Saturday, August 7

Aerobikthon 2010 .

Betul kah apa yang aku eja di atas ? Haha lantak lah . It was fabulous . Aku dah lepas rindu kat semua orang * not really . But kenapa hari koko past year tak semeriah macam this year ? Hahh but tak kesah lah , i've joined it , even not as the SISS student . But tak sempat nak tengok price-giving ceremony a.k.a acara menjerit kegembiraan kerana kemenangan , ayah n akak aku ambil awal sangat nak pegi Mid Valley .
Today i watched The Last Airbender 3D
* 3D lah sangat , just masa mula-mula and sub dia yang rasa boleh dipegang-pegang from the start until the end .
He snapped 2 of my pictures today . AWWW <3
* currently hearing to Davichi - Make Time Stop . Ironi nyaaaa -___________-