Sunday, August 15

Growing Up .

Actually I have made up my mind about my ambition lately, which is in editor field. Just now I finished watching an Elle’s show that searches for the best editor, Stylista. After watching it, it left a big impression to me that editor field is kind of BORING. I thought it was so much fun like what Dr Job says in their magazine, and like the Marie Claire’s show, Running In Heels. I do better works than them in today’s Stylista episode. It’s was clearly a major mistakes which are typing-error and the boring pictures thus the section looks really boring. The photographer gets eliminated, but I pity him because he had a serious panic earlier. I pray to god so that I won’t have that life-staking-disease. Whatever it is, I might ended-up being a doctor, or maybe in business field, or maybe fashion field? I don’t know why, my orange-coloured notebook is so stuffed with many of my designed dress, skirt, jeans, shirt and shoe sketch. But design field is hard to grow in Malaysia, unless I was sent to Paris or New York for experiences. It was still hard, new born talented designers will be standing with me in future. By now, I really think that my sketch is so OVERDONE. Yeah, too many ideas filling my head while in Historical classes. By the way I’m not specially educated in design, it’s just hobby. If I will be in this Fabulous-Fashion field, I want to open up my own brand, and be more successful than Kimora Lee Simmons. But seriously I’m so into medical field, so into my passion of helping peoples, although I know the studies are harder than rock. Saying about medical field, at the today’s morning I sent my sister to KLIA. I saw those pilots and steward and stewardess. My heart says “Wow, being in plane is kind of fun. But only when we’re young, right?” Yeah, it doesn’t last long. Everything doesn’t last long in this world. Okay, I’m bloody confused. Somebody help me? =.,=’
*where in Malaysia I can find the black-beautiful jumpsuit? I really want it! <3