Wednesday, August 18

Happy Mood-ing

I’m totally happy today. Thank god yesterday was just a misunderstanding. I’ve deleted the previous post. Haha you don’t have to know though. But its true lah, “don’t hang around with your boyfriend/girlfriend more than your friends” Thank you si-hebat-Wong Jen Yew. Hahaha I’m doing crazy today at school. Heyy there’s a story. It was Agama’s class, Luqman Hakim was on-the-way to find textbook for us because of some reasons. Then after a while he and Yuzwan came back to class, with laughter. He tells everything, laughing. Memang kitorang faham bahasa gelak kau, hahaha. The point is, he found a dummy with the school guard uniform at the Gent’s toilet. Entah macam mana lah si pembuat tu curi uniform guard tu aku pun takleh nak fikir. The best part is, Luqman dengar cleaner perempuan tu jerit bila jumpa dummy tu and re-acted it again. HAHAHAHA super hilarious. A moment later, the cleaner pass our class with the dummy. Sumpah lawak gila cleaner tu seret dummy tu, dah lah dummy tu tak boleh blah. The 30 minutes of Agama’s class was wasted with laughter. Aku tabik kau Luqman, wahai pelawak rasmi kitorang. Hahaha. After the school’s last period bell rings, like always I’ll go to the bus stop. Today I teached Raja Nabilah Afiqah Mathematics Form 2. Woahhhh rindu gilaa lah dengan math lower-secondary. I miscount lots of calculation because I’m very used to calculate with calculator. Memang macam kura-kura lah aku kira buat subjective question sampai salah kira. 2 times 22 over 7 times 3.5 equals to 6.5? Benda senang pun boleh salah kira. Haha it’s hard to use the old way when we’re getting used with the new way, right? Don’t ever turn back when you’re taking steps forward, do turn back to remember the faulty at the past and make yourself a better human.