Friday, August 13

Kerja .

"Rasa lega bila semua kerja dah siap, hopefully this is the last? tapi macam ada lagi jaaa" =.,='
Im talking about PRS thingy, me Hanis Eleena used today's recess time to do all the work. In charging the name tag work was like hell to me. Sounds easy to some of you, you wont know unless you try lah. Dah lah puasa, 3 kali aku naik turun bawah blok C yang 4 tingkat tuu. But it pays off after seeing that kawaii-looking-face of THAT junior. Weheeee <3 Then after we finished all the works, we hang around at the Bilik Kaunseling and skip our Chemistry class. We chat about the romantic scene. Haha aku dengar jee, Hanis and Eleena si pencerita. Then berebut nak pilih one of Super Junior members. Aku nak pilih Leeteuk, tapi dia tua maaa . Borak-borak lagi pasal Korean artist, sampai aku tercerita mimpi indah aku bersama TVXQ's Hero Jae Joong <33 Next, we hang at our class, the empty class. Then the rain falls, i remembered the Kim Tae Woo's Love Rain song, and of course i remembered about YOU <3 Haa since we will become seniors next year, i bet there will be tons of works to do. By the way, i'm a little upset hearing my friends news who want to transfer to another schools next year.
"Apa nii, next year last year kott. Jom lah enjoy ramai-ramai, ambil lesen kereta and so on. Then buat macam sekolah ni kita yang punyaaaaa" Seriously, i really hope we will end our secondary-school life together.