Tuesday, August 17

Vice Versa .

Seriously, i never thought i would embrace the past and shed tears where i am so happy at Seri Indah Secondary School. Today was like hell to me from the start until 1 PM because the juniors take my sadness away, thank you thank you. Back to the story, i wish i had Baki and Nana and Liyana here with me, make me laugh like we used before. Facebook-ing wasn't enough. I thought this new school can make me stronger and make me want to achieve excellence, but it was vice versa unfortunately. I no longer have the spirit to study together, to work together, to be silly together, to be sad together, to laugh together, to support each other. Today I had Tadarus Al-Quran which i always feel lazy about it, but now i can't hear you all read Quran anymore like the past year's Ramadhan. Ahh im soo sucked, am i doomed because i transfered to S4BK? =.,=