Wednesday, January 5

Standard 4

Its 1.30, and macam biasalah bas datang depan sch. After i say my farawell to Luqman  and some other buddies kat bawah pokok tu *since bustop telah dicabut daripada tempatnya and otw pasang balik, i walk to the bus. Oh its crowded and i manage to find a seat next to two elementary school students. I say thanks to her, she's 10. And she is a sister of not so called friend of mine. We chat along in the bus until it stops at her house. And guess what i think she really had a great personality. A little bit arrogant i think for that girl to speak that way with me which 7 years apart. Poor her, because she can have a hug from her mummy right after she came back from school and she cant play with her father frequently since both of them work until late. At the end main dengan orang gaji sajalah. Aku fikir jugak doee, macam-mana dia dapat that kind of personality, and i imagine some weird things like in the most of western movies which kids have tea-time with doll, speak like a DATIN hahahahaha with fancy manicure, okay whatever.
P.S : Apalah budak lelaki kecik zaman sekarang, umur dah 10+ dengan bangganyaa cakap, "Patutlah i-phone murah, harga 50sen, cepat koyak pulak tuu hahahaha" And 'i-phone' dia tu adalah keratan iklan from newspaper. Lawakkkkkkkkkkk umur dah 10+ tahun wehh =.='